Flat Roofing Information

Welcome to our Flat Roofing Information Pages

This information is for you if you are financially or physically responsible for a flat roofing system on one or more properties. We tried to put ourselves in your shoes and arm you with the knowledge necessary to get the most value from the decisions you have to make (sooner or later). This information is based on personal experience and observations of hundreds of roofs. If you would like to discuss things in more detail please contact us at moc.f1721759884ooryr1721759884utnec1721759884wen@o1721759884fni1721759884 or (508) 543-0706.

If there is a topic you are interested in that we haven’t covered, or if you have comments or suggestions, please contact us at moc.f1721759884ooryr1721759884utnec1721759884wen@o1721759884fni1721759884.