Can vents be installed to dry the roofing material?

Maybe. There is a difference of opinion in the roofing industry about the efficiency of vents drying flat roofs. Roofing systems for flat roofs are designed to stop water from coming into a building and further to provide energy savings through insulation. Minor consideration is given to what happens within the roofing system if the waterproofing layer fails. To keep the roofing system in place during high winds the layers of roofing are bound tightly together with no air flow. The lack of air flow inhibits the performance of a vent. Vents installed in the field of the roof will provide a path for some moisture to escape. Will this percentage of moisture escaping be meaningful? Depends on how many vents, how many roofing layers and if the leaks causing the moisture were stopped. If the roofing system is a single-ply membrane and the attachment method of the membrane is with bars/plates instead of adhesive, vents become much more effective, and in some cases two way vents will assist in securing the membrane to the roof.