Interior Protection:

If the existing roofing is not being removed then interior protection is less necessary. If there is a dropped ceiling in place then interior protection is less necessary. If the roof is being removed and there is no drop ceiling then interior protection may be necessary. This typically involves hanging sheets of plastic from the joists over the work area. There are 3 options when interior protection is necessary – do it yourself, let the roofer do it, or hire an interior protection company to do it. Your company’s maintenance people, overworked as they usually are, may be the best people to do this. If the roofer or another company does this it will add to the cost of the project. Any loose items attached to the roof should be removed or secured. The most common problem is florescent light bulbs loosening and dropping due to deck vibrations caused by moving materials around or other roofing work occurring. Another issue is wires that are under the roof deck. If the roofing involves driving fasteners through the deck it is possible for a wire to be damaged. An attempt should be made to identify the wires prior to roofing although in some cases avoiding them can be difficult. Give your electrician a heads up that their services may be necessary to recover from a punctured wire.