What to iron out before the job starts:

There are a number of issues that should be discussed when getting a proposal and then again after the contractor is selected. When discussing a re-roofing job with a contractor the following will affect the price they quote – so it is important to decide:

  1. Where the roofing materials will be loaded onto the roof – will it be a crane, helicopter, etc. (The easier this is for the roofer the lower the price)
  2. Where and how will existing materials or trash be removed from the roof (The more you accommodate the roofer the lower will be the price. Be aware there are rules about throwing debris off a roof – over a certain height a chute is necessary or it can be removed with a crane)
  3. What protection, if any, is needed underneath the roof deck to protect from falling debris (this can be a significant expense – more later)
  4. Where the dumpster will be located on the property.
  5. Are there hazardous materials in the existing roof(usually asbestos – more later)
  6. Are there special hours or areas where work inside the building cannot be interrupted and how does that affect the roofing.
  7. Are there special security procedures to follow.
  8. Will the roofing produce fumes that might be pulled in by active roof top units and what can be done about it.
  9. Is there cell tower equipment present (more later).

Other items to find out:

  1. What are the contractor’s insurance coverages
  2. What are the payment terms – which usually can be negotiated.(Remember the debt the roofer owes the manufacturer/distributer for the materials that get loaded on the roof starts when they are shipped and this is a substantial expense).
  3. Approximately when will the job start and end
  4. Are there any other special parking requirements
  5. Are there any special products which have long lead times (custom skylights, custom metal or metal colors, etc.)
  6. What are the colors for the perimeter metal.